Nutritional Value of Organic Moringa Seeds

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Moringa Seeds:

Generally other moringa trading company offer moringa seed at very low price but Grenera always offer the best quality,as well as we are using man power to clean the seeds and remove bad quality seeds.

Many small traders getting moringa seeds from small vendors who have moringa tree in their backyards.They will not segreat or clean the seed they just give few pennies to these vendors and export seeds as such to the buyers so there will be 10 – 20 %germination trade only.

The seeds of the Moringa Oleifera plant are among the most nutritious and useful botanical products available. These versatile seeds can be used in a variety of ways including as medicinal and herbal remedies, as nutritional supplements and for industrial and agricultural purposes. Moringa seeds are edible in both fresh and dried forms and, along with the seed pods that contain them, can be prepared in numerous ways as food,etc.,

Nutritional value:

Moringa Oleifera seeds, are eaten like green peas. The peas are harvested until they harden and strained or boiled to remove the bitter coating. The seeds offer concentrated nutrients including amino acids, proteins and a wide range of vitamins and minerals, making them an outstanding supplement for stressed and hurried individuals and a solid source of nutrition for undernourished populations around the world. The nuts can be served fresh or dried and often are pressed to remove the oil they contain, which is useful for cooking and can be added to other dishes to boost their nutrient content as well.

The Moringa Oleifera tree provides some of the most useful and valuable seeds on earth. The Moringa Oleifera seeds create powerful and natural medicines used to heal a variety of ailments. In addition, Moringa Oleifera is used to purify water, feed animals and clean cooking. The extracts can produce powerful fertilizers and pesticides that keep other plants healthy.

Used for the cultivation process.

The seed can be roasted and ate.


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