Making of Grenera Moringa Oil

Grenera Nutrients Private Limited is a Pioneer Manufacturer of Moringa Oil.Moringa Oil is also known as Behen Oil and has in it high concentration of behenic acid (a saturated fat which is highly moisturizing to skin and hair).

Grenera using the Prominent grade of Moringa Seeds for the Extraction of Moringa Oil.We Offer Cold Pressed Moringa Oil with the oil extracted being clear and odorless, which retains all the properties of the Moringa Oil. We using the ratio of 6:1 (i.e) using 6 Kg Seeds to get 1Kg of Moringa Oil. We offer pure and unrefined Pale yellow cold pressed Moringa Oil with the acid value less than 10.

We can offer Moringa oil without any additives of other oils. The Moringa oil has a large presence of antioxidants in it that ensures it does not become rancid for several years after production. Moringa Oils are Exclusively packed in 100 Ml Bottle, 10 Kg Canister and 190 Kg Barrel as per the Customer Requirement.Moringa oil can be used for cooking, manufacturing perfumes, cosmetic products and also as lubricants. Finding extensive usage in health and beauty applications.